Aico 230V Mains Optical Smoke Alarm with Rechargeable Battery

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The “Aico 230V Mains Optical Smoke Alarm with Rechargeable Battery,” identified by part code EI3016, is a cutting-edge fire safety device engineered to provide advanced smoke detection capabilities and enhanced reliability. Aico, a reputable manufacturer known for its fire and carbon monoxide alarm solutions, has designed this smoke alarm with the utmost commitment to safety and protection.

Optical Smoke Sensing Technology: The Aico Mains Optical Smoke Alarm utilizes advanced optical sensing technology to detect smoke particles within its vicinity. This highly sensitive method is particularly effective in identifying slow-smoldering fires, such as those caused by overheated electrical wires or smoldering furnishings.

Mains Powered with Rechargeable Battery Backup: Operating on a 230V mains power supply, this smoke alarm ensures a continuous and dependable power source. In the event of a power outage, the alarm is equipped with a rechargeable battery backup system, guaranteeing uninterrupted protection even during electricity failures.

Interconnectivity Capability: The Aico Optical Smoke Alarm is designed for seamless interconnection with other compatible Aico alarms. When connected, if one alarm detects smoke, it triggers all interconnected alarms to sound simultaneously. This interconnected system enables swift notification throughout the property, giving occupants early warning to potential hazards.

SmartLINK Compatible: The EI3016 is SmartLINK compatible, offering advanced connectivity options for remote monitoring and data extraction. SmartLINK technology enables homeowners and facility managers to monitor the status and performance of the alarm remotely, ensuring maintenance and operational efficiency.

Hush and Test Buttons: To facilitate easy testing and silencing of false alarms, the smoke alarm features dedicated hush and test buttons. The hush function allows temporary silencing of the alarm for a specified duration, while the test button ensures routine checks of the alarm’s functionality.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery: The integrated rechargeable lithium battery provides a dependable backup power source during mains failures. This battery offers longevity and durability, ensuring the smoke alarm’s readiness to protect occupants at all times.

LED Indicators: Equipped with LED indicators, the Aico Mains Optical Smoke Alarm provides visual status updates. These indicators relay important information, such as power status, alarm activation, and fault alerts, for easy identification and troubleshooting.

Certifications and Standards: The EI3016 Smoke Alarm conforms to stringent safety standards and regulations, including the British Standard BS 5839-6, which governs fire detection and alarm systems in domestic properties. The alarm’s compliance with these standards assures users of its reliability and adherence to industry best practices.

Part Code EI3016: The part code EI3016 uniquely identifies this specific model of Aico 230V Mains Optical Smoke Alarm with Rechargeable Battery, streamlining the process of identification and procurement.

In summary, the Aico 230V Mains Optical Smoke Alarm with Rechargeable Battery (Part Code: EI3016) stands as a pillar of fire safety, integrating cutting-edge technology and robust engineering to provide occupants with exceptional smoke detection and protection. With its optical sensing capabilities, rechargeable battery backup, interconnectivity, and SmartLINK compatibility, this smoke alarm offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for safeguarding properties and saving lives.

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