UART/CODE problem Oshonsoft

The intermittent error you’re experiencing could be caused by various factors. Let’s explore some possibilities and troubleshooting steps: Electrical Noise or Interference: Intermittent issues can sometimes be attributed to electrical noise or interference on the communication lines. Ensure that your SPI communication lines are well shielded and that proper grounding practices are followed. Signal Integrity: […]

SPI interface with STM32

Troubleshooting issues with SPI interfacing can be complex, and several factors may cause problems in your setup. Here are some steps you can take to identify and resolve the issue: Check Hardware Connections: Double-check your hardware connections to ensure that the SPI pins (SCK, MISO, MOSI) are correctly connected between the STM32 and the ADS1115. […]

Designing a frequency divider

Dividing a 100 MHz frequency by any integer value from 1 to 9 is certainly possible using both microcontroller-based systems and FPGA-based systems. However, the approach will differ between the two. Microcontroller-Based System: In a microcontroller-based system, you will need a microcontroller with a high-speed timer or counter. Here are the general steps to achieve […]

What ESP32 library example to use to transmit rudemantary audio via Bluetooth?

To transmit rudimentary audio via Bluetooth using the ESP32, you can use the “A2DP Source” (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) example provided by the ESP-IDF (Espressif IoT Development Framework), which is the official development framework for the ESP32. A2DP is a Bluetooth profile designed for streaming high-quality audio from one device to another, making it suitable […]

How to program a PIC16F18313T-I/SN?

Programming a PIC microcontroller, like the PIC16F18313T-I/SN, typically involves using a dedicated programmer and a development environment like MPLAB X IDE. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you program this microcontroller: What You’ll Need: PIC16F18313T-I/SN microcontroller. A suitable PIC programmer (e.g., PICkit 3, PICkit 4, ICD3, or an external programmer). A PC with MPLAB X […]