IGBT >10kw dc to ac inverter

Converting high-voltage DC (400VDC) to AC (260VAC) at 12kW continuously is a complex and high-power electronics project. Using IGBT inverter controller boards can be a viable approach, but it’s essential to consider various factors and potential challenges: Component Quality: The quality of the IGBT modules, inductors, capacitors, and other components is critical for a high-power […]

How to speed control 4.25HP treadmill motor w/o MC2100 MCB

Speed controlling a treadmill motor without the MC2100 Motor Controller Board (MCB) can be challenging because the MCB typically provides the necessary circuitry for speed control. However, if you want to experiment with alternative methods, here are some general steps and considerations: Important Note: Working with high-power electrical components can be dangerous. Ensure that you […]

which part of SMPS circuit needs to be changed if we want its DC output from 36v 6 A to 60v 6A?

To adjust the output voltage and current of a power supply circuit, you typically need to modify the following components or parameters: Transformer: The transformer’s turns ratio determines the output voltage. To increase the output voltage, you need a transformer with a higher turns ratio. Conversely, for a lower output voltage, you need a transformer […]