Increasing Water Temperature on Junkers ED18-2S and Siemens DH18200 Water Heaters

Adjusting the water temperature on a water heater like the Junkers ED18-2S typically involves modifying the thermostat settings. However, it’s important to note that tinkering with gas appliances should be done cautiously, and if you’re not familiar with the specific model or unsure about the process, it’s recommended to consult the user manual or seek […]

Issue with the backlight on your GL753 ROG Strix laptop after replacing the mainboard

Since the backlight was working to a limited extent before the replacement, and now you’re unable to change the brightness or color, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try: Check Keyboard Connection: Ensure that the keyboard is properly connected to the new mainboard. Sometimes, poor connections can lead to partial functionality. Check for […]

OTA Flashing ESPHome Generated File on Tuya 4 Gang Switch Module via Openbeken Interface

Here are some steps and considerations that might help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem: File Format and Naming: Ensure that the generated firmware file has the correct format and naming conventions required by the openbeken OTA web interface. The file format and name might be case-sensitive or have specific requirements. Binary vs. Firmware: Confirm […]

Best Migomat Options: Bester vs Telwin

When considering MIG welders, both Bester and Telwin are reputable brands known for their quality and reliability. Within your budget of up to PLN 3,000, you can explore the following top models from these brands that offer great value for money: Bester MAGSTER 180: Offers excellent welding performance for light to medium tasks. User-friendly interface […]


When studying SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, there are several useful websites and online resources that can provide valuable information, tutorials, case studies, and educational content. Here are some websites and platforms where you can find relevant information about SCADA: Rockwell Automation’s Official Website: The Rockwell Automation website provides a wealth of information […]


Creating a Power Line Carrier (PLC) communication system for 220V power lines involves some complex design considerations, and it’s important to ensure safety and compliance with electrical regulations. Here, I can provide a simplified outline of a basic PLC communication circuit concept, but it’s crucial to consult with electrical engineers and adhere to local regulations […]

High-current DC Motor Control

Replacing solenoid contactors with solid-state devices for controlling a 12V / 25A DC motor is a good idea for improved reliability and efficiency. You’re on the right track with considering solid-state solutions. Here are some options to consider: H-Bridge Motor Driver: An H-bridge is a common solid-state solution for controlling the direction of a DC […]