Fuel Dispensers Communication Protocols

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Pump communication protocols, also known as fuel dispenser protocols, are proprietary or standardized communication protocols used to control and monitor fuel dispensers at gas stations. Here are some of the commonly used protocols in the fuel dispenser industry:

  1. Gilbarco Protocol:
    • Gilbarco is a major manufacturer of fuel dispensers. They have their own proprietary protocols for communication between their dispensers and Point of Sale (POS) systems. The protocols used by Gilbarco include the Gilbarco Legacy Protocol and the Gilbarco G-SITE Protocol.
  2. Tokheim Protocol:
    • Tokheim is another leading manufacturer of fuel dispensers. They use proprietary communication protocols for their dispensers. The Tokheim Communication Protocol is used for controlling and monitoring Tokheim dispensers.
  3. Tatsuno Protocol:
    • Tatsuno is a global provider of fuel dispensers and related equipment. Their dispensers often use proprietary communication protocols for integration with POS systems. The specific protocols used may vary by model and region.
  4. Wayne Protocol:
    • Wayne, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, manufactures fuel dispensers. They have their own set of communication protocols for interfacing with their dispensers. The Wayne DataWay Protocol is one such protocol.
  5. OPW Protocol:
    • OPW (Owensboro) is known for its fueling equipment. They have their own communication protocols for interfacing with their dispensers and related equipment.
  6. NACS/ISO 20022:
    • The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) and the ISO 20022 standard are used in some regions as a standardized communication protocol for fuel dispensers. ISO 20022 is an international standard for financial messaging.
  7. EBP (Electronic Bus Pump):
    • EBP is a widely used protocol for communicating with fuel dispensers. It’s a generic term used to describe the communication between dispensers and point of sale systems.
  8. Gilbarco Enhanced Dispenser Hub (EDH):
    • Gilbarco introduced the EDH protocol to enable more advanced features and secure communications between dispensers and POS systems.
  9. Universal Dispenser Protocol (UDP):
    • UDP is an industry-standard protocol designed to provide interoperability between different dispenser brands. It allows dispensers from various manufacturers to communicate with POS systems using a common protocol.

Please note that these protocols can vary by region and dispenser manufacturer. Integration with fuel dispensers often requires specific knowledge of the protocol used by the dispenser in your particular application. Additionally, some manufacturers provide SDKs (Software Development Kits) or documentation for interfacing with their dispensers. It’s important to consult the documentation provided by the dispenser manufacturer or work with authorized service providers for integration.

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