Millivoltmeter 50mv 75mv 100mv pointer dc Voltmeter sq72 dh72 68 * 68mm




The Cp72 DC millivoltmeter is a specific model of a DC voltmeter with a range of 50mV, 75mV, and 100mV. It is designed to measure low voltage levels and is commonly used in various electrical and electronic applications. The dimensions of the meter are 68 * 68mm, making it compact and suitable for installation in different types of equipment or control panels.

The Cp72 DC millivoltmeter features a pointer-type display, which utilizes a moving needle to indicate the measured voltage on a calibrated scale. This type of display provides a visual representation of the voltage reading, allowing for easy interpretation by the user. The meter is typically housed in a square-shaped case, often referred to as sq72 or dh72, which provides protection and support for the internal components.

With a range of 50mV, 75mV, and 100mV, the Cp72 DC millivoltmeter is suitable for measuring small voltage signals in various applications, such as laboratory experiments, electronic circuit testing, and low-level voltage monitoring. It is important to note that the meter operates specifically in the DC (direct current) mode, meaning it is designed to measure constant voltage levels rather than alternating current (AC) signals.

To use the Cp72 DC millivoltmeter, the voltage source under measurement is typically connected to the appropriate input terminals of the meter. The meter’s scale is calibrated in millivolts, allowing the user to directly read the voltage value indicated by the position of the pointer on the scale. This enables precise voltage measurements within the selected range.

Overall, the Cp72 DC millivoltmeter is a compact and versatile instrument that provides accurate measurements of low voltage levels. Its pointer-type display, range options, and compact size make it suitable for a variety of applications where precise voltage monitoring is required.


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