Multifunction 230V 60A Bi-directional Energy Meter DDS669


The Multifunction 230V 60A Bi-directional Energy Meter DDS669 is an advanced electronic energy meter designed to measure the consumption and generation of electrical energy in both directions. It is commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to accurately monitor energy usage, facilitate billing, and support energy management.




Key Features:

  1. Measurement Capability: The DDS669 energy meter is capable of measuring active energy (kWh), reactive energy (kVARh), apparent energy (kVAh), voltage (V), current (A), power factor, and frequency. It provides comprehensive data for monitoring and analysis.
  2. Bi-directional Measurement: The meter can measure energy flow in both directions, allowing it to accurately monitor energy consumption from the grid as well as energy generation from renewable sources like solar panels. This bidirectional capability is essential for net metering applications and feed-in tariff systems.
  3. High Accuracy: The DDS669 meter utilizes advanced measurement technology to ensure high accuracy. It typically has a class accuracy rating, such as Class 1 or Class 2, indicating its precision in measuring energy parameters. This level of accuracy enables accurate billing and monitoring of energy usage.
  4. LCD Display: The energy meter features a clear and easy-to-read LCD display that provides real-time measurements and energy data. The display shows various parameters such as total energy consumed, energy generated, current, voltage, power factor, and other relevant information.
  5. Communication Options: Some models of the DDS669 energy meter offer communication capabilities for data logging and remote monitoring. These may include interfaces such as RS485, Modbus, or other communication protocols, allowing integration with energy management systems or building automation systems.
  6. Data Storage and Load Profile: The meter may have built-in memory to store historical energy consumption data and load profiles. This data can be used for analysis, energy audits, and identifying consumption patterns.
  7. Tamper Detection: The DDS669 energy meter incorporates tamper detection features to prevent unauthorized access and tampering. It may have seals, security codes, or internal sensors that can detect any attempt to interfere with the meter’s operation.
  8. Compliance and Certifications: The DDS669 meter complies with international standards and certifications, such as IEC and ISO, ensuring its reliability, accuracy, and safety. It meets the regulatory requirements for energy measurement and is suitable for use in various countries.
  9. Installation and Wiring: The energy meter should be installed by a qualified electrician following the manufacturer’s instructions and local electrical codes. The meter typically has terminals labeled for easy connection of the voltage and current inputs, as well as neutral and ground connections.

It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s technical documentation and installation guides specific to the DDS669 energy meter model being used for detailed wiring diagrams, terminal designations, and any additional requirements or considerations.

The Multifunction 230V 60A Bi-directional Energy Meter DDS669 offers precise and reliable energy measurement, enabling effective energy management and accurate billing in applications where bidirectional energy flow is required.


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