Nano Mini Type-C Micro USB With the Bootloader Arduino Nano 3.0 Controller for Arduino CH340 USB Driver 16Mhz



The “Nano Mini Type-C Micro USB Arduino Nano 3.0 Controller” is a compact development board designed for projects based on the Arduino platform. It offers a range of features and a small form factor that makes it suitable for a wide variety of embedded systems applications. Here’s a detailed description of this board:

1. Microcontroller:

  • The board is built around the ATmega328 microcontroller, which is part of the AVR family. This microcontroller operates at a clock frequency of 16 MHz and is widely used in Arduino-based projects. It provides a good balance of features and performance for various applications.

2. USB Connectivity:

  • The board features a USB interface with both Type-C and Micro USB connectors. This allows you to connect the board to your computer for programming and serial communication. The CH340 USB-to-serial converter chip is typically used on this board to facilitate USB communication.

3. Bootloader:

  • The board comes with a bootloader pre-installed. The bootloader allows you to upload your code to the microcontroller using the Arduino IDE over the USB connection, making it easy to program the board without requiring external hardware.

4. Compact Form Factor:

  • The Nano Mini Type-C Micro USB board has a small form factor, making it suitable for projects with limited space or those that require a compact design.

5. On-Board Voltage Regulator:

  • It includes a voltage regulator that provides a stable 5V supply to power the microcontroller and other components. This allows you to power the board from a range of input voltages.

6. Input/Output Pins:

  • The board provides a set of digital input/output (I/O) pins, analog input pins, and other GPIO pins for interfacing with various sensors, displays, and external components.

7. Integrated LEDs:

  • Onboard LEDs are often available on some I/O pins, which can be used for quick testing and debugging of your programs.

8. Arduino Compatibility:

  • The Nano Mini board is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE, which means you can program it using the Arduino programming language and libraries. This compatibility simplifies the development process and allows you to leverage the vast Arduino ecosystem.

9. Breadboard-Friendly:

  • The board’s pinout is designed to be compatible with standard breadboards, making it easy to prototype your projects.

10. Flash Memory: – The ATmega328 microcontroller typically comes with 32KB of flash memory, providing ample storage space for your program code.

11. UART and SPI Communication: – The board supports UART (Serial) and SPI communication, allowing you to interface with other devices and modules that use these communication protocols.

12. DIP Package: – The Nano Mini Type-C Micro USB board is often available in a Dual Inline Package (DIP) format, which allows easy replacement or removal from your projects.

13. Open-Source: – Like other Arduino-compatible boards, this Nano Mini board is open-source, meaning its schematics and design files are freely available. You can modify and customize it to meet your specific project requirements.

In summary, the Nano Mini Type-C Micro USB Arduino Nano 3.0 Controller is a versatile and compact development board that is well-suited for various embedded system projects. Its compatibility with the Arduino ecosystem, small form factor, USB connectivity, and range of I/O options make it a popular choice among electronics enthusiasts, students, and professionals for prototyping and building a wide array of electronic devices and applications.


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