Proximity sensor E3F-DS30C4




The E3F-DS30C4 is an inductive proximity sensor used to detect the presence or absence of metallic objects within a close range. It operates by generating a high-frequency electromagnetic field and detecting changes in that field caused by the presence of a metal object.

The sensor is housed in a cylindrical metal body with a diameter of 30mm and a length of 71mm. It has a sensing distance of up to 30mm and operates on a supply voltage of 12-24V DC. The sensor is designed to be resistant to harsh environments and has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.

The E3F-DS30C4 proximity sensor is easy to install and requires minimal wiring. It has three wires: brown for power supply, blue for ground, and black for output signal. The output signal is a DC voltage that switches from high to low when a metal object is detected within the sensing range.

The E3F-DS30C4 proximity sensor is commonly used in various industrial applications, such as machine automation, conveyor systems, and robotics. It can also be used in harsh environments, such as mining or chemical processing plants, due to its rugged design.

Overall, the E3F-DS30C4 proximity sensor is a reliable and versatile sensor that can detect the presence of metal objects with high accuracy and efficiency.


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