Time relay module FRM01


The Time Relay Module FRM01 is an electronic device that allows for controlling a relay or other electrical load in predefined time intervals. It is widely used in various applications such as industrial automation, lighting systems, access control, security systems, home automation, and more.



Here is an extensive description of the Time Relay Module FRM01:

Programmable Time: The FRM01 module enables the programming of time intervals during which the relay should be switched on or off. You can set both the on and off time, providing complete control over the operation of the relay.
Time Range: The FRM01 module offers a wide programmable time range to suit different requirements. You can set short intervals, such as a few seconds, as well as long intervals, ranging from hours to days.
User-Friendly Operation: The FRM01 module is designed for easy operation and programming. It features buttons or a knob for time and parameter settings. An LED or LCD display allows for convenient monitoring and configuration of the settings.
Built-in Protections: The FRM01 module may incorporate various protections, such as protection against accidental button presses, overload protection, or power loss protection. These features not only enhance safety but also contribute to the durability of the device.
Multi-Functionality: In addition to the basic time relay function, the FRM01 module can offer additional features like cyclic interval repetition, delayed start or shutdown, or pulse mode. This provides greater flexibility in applications and allows customization of the module’s operation to specific requirements.
Compact Size: The FRM01 module has a compact form factor, making it easy to mount in various applications, whether in enclosures or on printed circuit boards. It can also be easily integrated with other systems and devices.
High Reliability: The FRM01 module is typically made with high-quality components, ensuring reliable operation. Its robust construction and stable connections guarantee long-term usage without significant issues.
The Time Relay Module FRM01 is a useful tool for controlling relays or other electrical loads in predetermined time intervals. Its programmability, user-friendly operation, wide time range, and additional features make it a versatile solution in various applications. By utilizing this module, efficient control and automation of different processes can be achieved, contributing to improved performance and efficiency in various fields.


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